Smarter lenses
for your vision


Protect and relax your eyes

Eyezen lenses combine the latest Essilor innovations and technologies to help relax your eyes and protect them from harmful blue light.

Helps to reduce eye strain


Protects from harmful blue light

Ensures a better quality of vision

*The Smart Blue FilterTM innovation is not available in every point of sale.
A treatment that protects from blue light will be offered.

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Eyezen is wearer approved

of wearers are happy(1)

report milder headaches(2)

report a dip in posture-related pain(2) feel less visual fatigue(2) are less bothered by bright screens(2)

(1) Third-party trials, France, 2015. N=76 (2) Third-party trials, France, 2016. N=51

"Unlike what happened with the contact lenses that I was wearing daily, I experience absolutely no end-of-day fatigue with my Eyezen lenses. My vision is extremely clear when looking at screens."

- Alexandre Bessette -

"Eyezen lenses help my eyes much more than my ordinary lenses. My screen's readability is much more clear and precise. At the end of the workday I feel a lot less tired and there is no chance of a headache."

- Virginie Goudreault -

"I never knew that lenses could be so clear and easy to clean! My eyes are so used to these lenses that it would be impossible to go back to my old ones."

- Eve Fortier -
Young mom