The golden age of glasses!

Sep 12 2017 | Essilor

Glasses haven’t always had the best rep. Luckily, they’ve been enjoying something of a golden age in recent years! They’ve gone from a utilitarian accessory people would try to hide to an extension of our personality. They can completely reframe your face and give you a totally new look. Glasses have morphed from a necessary tool for seeing the world more clearly into a fabulous fashion accessory. Here’s our ode to glasses!

Make your eyes pop

They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. So why hide them? Vision professionals recommend choosing frames with colors that complement or are similar to the colour of your eyes. Think black for accentuating light eyes or a turquoise tint for more aqua-coloured eyes.

From loathed to loved

Most people who wear glasses say they have a love/hate relationship with their frames. As a child there’s the sting of being made fun of by other kids in the schoolyard. But as an adult, the relationship shifts once you realize you can turn your glasses into an extra fashion accessory. You can even get multiple frames and match them to your outfit. Keep it classic for work, and go for a bolder glam look for a night out.

An extension of your personality

Have you ever noticed how someone with glasses can look like an entirely different person once they take them off? Almost like a part of their face is missing? Glasses are a way to show your personality to everyone you meet. A fan of Woody Allen? Try a thick-framed style like his. Do you like to live life to the fullest? Get something colourful. More reserved? Go for an understated frame. The key is to stay true to your personal style so you feel good with your glasses on. The goal isn't for you to leave your comfort zone, but to express yourself by adding a little bit of fun, serious, or sexy to your look.

Correct slight imperfections

Another great thing about glasses is that they can (and should) correct the little things you might not like about your face. Depending on the model, your specs can make your nose look shorter or your face less droopy. What could be better? It’s a powerful tool for toning down the traits that bug you about your face! It’s been proven that when you wear glasses, people spend more time looking into your eyes than any other part of your face. Your glasses say a lot about you. And since they’re right there in the middle of your face, you have to choose carefully.

Perfect vision? No problem.

Glasses have grown so popular in recent years that even people with perfect vision are wearing them. For some it’s simply about looks, for others it’s about prevention. Your eyes are very important and you have to take care of them. When you wear glasses, the lenses help protect your eyes from the dust and impurities found in the air. Plus, all the blue-violet light emitted by electronic devices, artificial light sources, and the sun can take their toll. That’s why there are Eyezen lenses (both with or without prescription) that offer protection against this type of light. Wearing glasses is therefore recommended as a preventive measure. And on the bright side, you get a new accessory to change up your look!

Love your glasses! They're a true extension of your personality.


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