Eyezen lenses win a Silmo d'Or

Jan 21 2016 | Essilor

Lenses Eyezen SILMO d'or

Essilor awarded a Silmo d’Or for Eyezen, its lenses for a connected life, at Paris World Optical Show.

St-Laurent, Canada (October 7, 2015) – At the SILMO World Optical Show in Paris (25 to 28 September), Essilor received a gold award -Silmo d’Or- for Eyezen, a new lens category meeting visual needs linked to increased digital screen use. 

«Innovation in ophthalmic optics is more crucial than ever: behaviours are changing rapidly and prevention must be at the heart of visual health. Our latest innovation, the Eyezen range, illustrates our commitment to keep offering innovative solutions to answer visual correction and prevention needs for consumers across the world» explains Jean Carrier, Chief Operating Officer at Essilor International.

Eyezen, dedicated lenses for connected lives 

To address emerging vision issues linked to connected lives and prevent damage to the eyes, Essilor has created the Eyezen range, featuring 2 new technologies: Eyezen Focus and Light scan. Thanks to Eyezen Focus, vision correction is specifically adapted to new reading distances corresponding to each digital device, including ultra near vision: the average reading distance for a smartphone is 33 cm, against 42 cm for a book. Eyezen lenses provide a new solution to support eye accommodation, especially when switching from one type of a screen to another. Combined with Crizal® Prevencia® and Light scan - the selective blue light filtering technology-, Eyezen lenses also protect the eyes from the harmful effects of blue-violet light. 

Eyezen lenses are available for every correction (myopia, hyperopia …) but also for all those who do not need correction but wish to support their vision and protect their eyes. 

Carefully exploring rapidly changing behaviours and market needs, Essilor invests 180 million euros per year in Research and Innovation. The Group’s 550 researchers worldwide are continually striving to conceive and develop innovative solutions in line with Essilor’s mission: improving lives by improving sight. 

Eyezen, EyezenFocus, Light scan, Crizal® and Prevencia are trademarks of Essilor International. 

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