A little retro with a new twist!

Sep 14 2018 | Carolane Stratis

The changing leaves, cool breezes and chilly temperatures ... Fall is in the air and the season's trends are taking shape. Pastel tones, retro inspirations as well as white and beige are joining fall's earthy colours. What do you think of this season's fashions?

Do you feel it? The cooler temperatures, the delicate scent of fallen leaves... autumn is in the air. Soon the humidity will disappear, giving way to cool evenings that are perfect for wrapping yourself in a duvet!

If you were to ask me - Carolane Stratis - I would say that I've definitely started to feel the change of season, and I'm starting to plan my fall outfits! I have been yearning for the temperatures to drop ... and while I wait, I take control of what I can: the contents of my closet and my must-have pieces for fall.

Back when I was studying fashion, a looong time ago (10 years ago - lol), I didn't think that trends were a reflection of what was happening on the political, economic, social and environmental level. I thought that everything went according to the desires and moods of the fashion designers. And the more I learned, the more I realized that this notion was untrue.

This is one of the first years that I see pastel colors becoming part of the fall line-up. I have the feeling that it is linked to factors such as climate change and retro trends. But it's not me who is saying it - it's Pantone. They highlight the fashion hues that are coming from the biggest chains and the greatest designers of fashion, graphic and art.

Earth tones (the ones we usually see each year) are back again. This time, beige and white have been added to the palette. Yes - you read that right! You don't need to ask anyone else's opinion, Pantone has confirmed that it's okay to wear white and beige past Labour Day!

And tying it all together is one of the key trends of this autumn —Kidulting. Those who know me understand how much I appreciate this trend and how I apply to my life. I think it's a great way to add a touch of 2018 to vintage accessories.

Right on trend, Essilor Canada launched its latest Transitions collection: Style Colors and Style Mirrors. I had the chance to try Style Mirrors lenses, which create a mirror finish when you're outside while remaining transparent indoors. I love the mirror effect and the fact that there are so many available colours. I adore the blue lenses that add a cool, fashion look to an outfit. These lenses have come a long way - when our parents wore them, the lenses would only darken slightly in the sun and the eyes were still visible.

I love the Coco and Breezy frame Essilor lent me to illustrate the trends in the above photo. It gives a 90's retro look that compliments my colour palette - which is way more vivid than years past! ;)

To explore the new colours for Transitions lenses and mirrored lenses, click here.

What do you think about the fall trends? They suit me, right?

Carolane Stratis
Co-founder - Ton Petit Look

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