5 Tips to attack festival season like a champ!

Jun 14 2018 | Essilor

It’s nice out, it’s hot out, we’ve put away our winter clothes and we’re ready to rock our jean jackets. With the sun comes terrace season but also festival season! From the Calgary Folk Music Festival to Veld and Osheaga, we are truly spoiled when it comes to music festivals out there in Canada. My first Osheaga experience goes back to 2014, and I remember catching SBTRKT while the fireworks we’re going off at La Ronde - a truly magical moment. Oh yeah, except for the part where I was dehydrated and my feet were killing me. In short, I’ve learned a lot in these last three years of attending festivals and this time I’m ready to attack them head on. Here are some tips to take full advantage of the festivities.

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Forget about heels, an entire day of getting stuck in the grass, that’s not so radical. You’ll be sick and tired within the first hour and your friends will be sick and tired of you. Instead, I suggest some flat kicks such as Vans or Converse, or short booties. Sandals aren’t meant for walking long distances or standing around all day plus your feet will wind up very dirty by the end of the evening.

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Yes fanny packs are back in style and that’s amazing because they are OH-SO useful.
Your cellphone, your battery pack, your wallet, and of course your poncho…(see point #3)

The small bag you don’t actually have to carry, ideal for jumping around all day without losing any of your goods.

3. Pack your poncho; it’s your rescue plan.

Yes, if you took part in the OSHEAGA 2017 festivities you probably had to trade your trendy outfit for a hoodie and a rain poncho (It’s all part of the fun). Luckily, it folds perfectly into your fanny pack, protects your clothes and saves you from being drenched while taking full advantage of the show.

4. Make sure you have the right sunglasses.

Small and round, colourful, vintage or futuristic frames... Make sure you’ve got them! During festivals, sunglasses are essential, not only to complete your outfit but also to protect your eyes (Mind blowing, I know). If you’re going to spend 8 hours in the blazing sun squinting to catch your favorite band, you’ve better come prepared. The Essilor Crizal® lenses have a mirror effect that offers maximum protection against UV rays. Some lenses even change colour to better adapt to the light.

5. For perfect pictures!

Have you always wondered how those instababes are always uploading kickass content during festivals while you’re having a hard time finding your friends due to bad reception? They use digital cameras with Wifi connexions! These bad boys allow you to upload high-res pictures directly to your phone in seconds. I have a small Canon G7X and it’s a game changer. The pictures are of professional quality, yet I have access to them instantly and can simply edit them out on my iPhone. I can even share them with my friends so they can also publish their pics live at the festival.

I also suggest you download the respective festival app on your phone a few days before the main event to get familiar with the site. They change every year and it can sometimes be misleading how far apart the different stages are from each other.

Looks that we’re probably gonna see this summer? Western, boho, laid-back and back to the 90’s.

Hoping to catch you out there!

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