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Festive makeup tutorial with Virginie!

Nov 23 2018 | Virginie Vandelac

The holidays are almost here. This is the perfect time of the year to experiment with a new makeup look!... Read more

How do I choose the right glasses for my child?

Sep 14 2018 | Essilor

Back-to-school is here and there are so many things to think about. School materials, new clothes, lunches to organize, routines... Read more

A little retro with a new twist!

Sep 14 2018 | Carolane Stratis

The changing leaves, cool breezes and chilly temperatures ... Fall is in the air and the season's trends are taking... Read more

5 Tips to attack festival season like a champ!

Jun 14 2018 | Essilor

It’s nice out, it’s hot out, we’ve put away our winter clothes and we’re ready to rock our jean jackets.... Read more

Better vision for a better life with Eyezen

May 28 2018 | Essilor

Canadians have visual needs that impact their life, their ability to learn and succeed, their health, and their safety. At... Read more

Congratulations to our winners!

Mar 14 2018 | Essilor

In 2017, two contests were organized for our newsletter subscribers.  The perfect trip contest has rewarded Mr Rae Hardie, from Leduc who won the trip of... Read more

How smart is your eyewear?

Mar 13 2018 | Essilor

Smart devices are part of our daily lives. Just how advanced is this technology? What kind of help can we expect from our eyewear? More... Read more

The golden age of glasses!

Sep 12 2017 | Essilor

Glasses haven’t always had the best rep. Luckily, they’ve been enjoying something of a golden age in recent years! They’ve gone from a utilitarian accessory people would... Read more

Trendy frames = trendy looks

Jul 06 2017 | Lolitta

Last year, Essilor asked me to take a look at its Xperio polarizing lenses and create a few outfits inspired by my favourite shades. Since the experience... Read more

What hairstyle works best with your glasses?

Apr 26 2017 | Essilor

Once upon a time, wearing glasses was considered a total burden. Those days are gone. Eyewear has become a must-have fashion accessory that adds the final flattering... Read more

Trends: glasses and technology

Mar 13 2017 | Essilor

Slowly, but surely, new technologies are starting to find their way into our closets. Smart watches and heated mittens are perfect examples. Just recently, Snapchat featured a... Read more

One pair of glasses, two uses!

Sep 06 2016 | Virginie Goudreault

Last spring, I had the chance to try Eyezen lenses: a new type of optical lens designed to reduce visual... Read more

When your glasses inspire your look

Jun 20 2016 | Lolitta

When your glasses inspire your look… I always felt there should be no iron clad rules in fashion. If you feel... Read more

The perfect frame for every face

Jun 20 2016 | Essilor

Frames are an extension of the fashion world - every season brings an exciting new collection.  And while you might... Read more

Pantone 2016 Colors of The Year: Rose Quartz and Serenity

Jun 20 2016 | Marta Tryshak

As every year nears its end the design world awaits the big reveal when Pantone declares a particular color as... Read more

Does your child need glasses? Watch out for these 10 signs!

Jun 20 2016 | Essilor

Proper vision contributes as much to a child's health as it does to their academic and social development. But how... Read more

Six shades of mirror lenses to enjoy summer

Jun 20 2016 | Essilor

The hot weather is almost here.  Cocktails, BBQ's and trips to the beach are just around the corner.  And when... Read more

Reduce visual fatigue with Eyezen lenses!

Apr 20 2016 | Virginie Goudreault

You won't be surprised when I tell you that I spend lots of time in front of my computer and... Read more

Eyezen lenses voted Product of the year.

Mar 11 2016 | Essilor

Eyezen lenses by Essilor are voted Product of the Year Canada by consumers, in the eyecare category. SAINT-LAURENT, March 8, 2016... Read more

Eyezen at the Montreal Joue Festival

Feb 22 2016 | Essilor

This year EyezenTM wants to inform consumers. We are pleased to share with you the activities that will be reaching the... Read more

Eyezen lenses win a Silmo d'Or

Jan 21 2016 | Essilor

Essilor awarded a Silmo d’Or for Eyezen, its lenses for a connected life, at Paris World Optical Show. St-Laurent, Canada (October... Read more

Relax your eyes with Essilor Eyezen lenses

Jan 20 2016 | Essilor

These days we spend a lot of time looking at screens. Smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs are now an indispensable... Read more