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Eyezen, a visual solution for everyone

Eyezen lenses are enhanced single vision lenses developed to fit every wearer: from children to pre-presbyopes.

Whether you are short-sighted, far-sighted, astigmatic or you do not have any visual problem, Eyezen lenses offer a solution to protect your eyes from harmful blue light and alleviate eye strain caused by the prolonged exposure to digital screens.

We all have a connected life!

Working on your laptop, checking emails on your phone, sending text messages to your friends, spending time on Facebook and Instagram, binge watching on Netflix… we all spend time in front of screens!

Eyezen are smarter lenses to let you fully enjoy your connected life.

The impact of digital devices

feel screens require more effort to read

suffer from eye strain

complain of neck and shoulder pain

The principal causes of discomfort

Smaller and pixelated characters that force our eyes to focus more intensively and repeatedly.

The frequent switch between digital devices  that requires our eyes to continuously adapt to variable distances.

Closer distances of use that lead to postural issues (back and shoulder curvature).

Harmful blue light  and strong glare emitted by screens are a daily irritant and have health risks.

It is important to protect vision from the youngest age and throughout life.

Did you know?

Children’s eyes are more sensitive. They let harmful rays pass through their crystalline up to 6x more than adult eyes.(1)

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(1) 8- CIE 203-2012 - A computerized approach to transmission and absorption characteristics of the human eye - April 2012

Harmful light

Harmful blue light attributes to eye strain, headaches and physical and mental fatigue in the short term. In the long term, blue light and UV rays contribute to the premature aging of the eyes and the appearance of eye diseases such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.